Flexmeter Wrist Guard Double Sided


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Flexmeter Wrist Guards

Flexmeter concept, the first exclusive, effective wrist protection for all Action Sports. Flexmeter assures proctection, while allowing full mobility of your wrists

  • Triple Wrap Security straps
  • Patented Flexmeter Physician Developed wrist protective technology
  • Easily Fits under gloves
  • Doctor recommended wrist procetion
  • Ideal for snowboarding, inline skate and roller derby
  • Laboratory tested and proven protection
  • Sold in pairs
  • We recommend removing the palm skid plate found on the Double sided Flexmeter when using under snow gloves. The palm skid plate is primarily designed for street sport use.


  • Splint: Dorsal Thermoplastic splint made in Hytrel®(Du PONT™).
  • Perfect stability whatever temperatures (-40℃ to +40℃).
  • Progressive hinge.
  • Hand heel portection: removable, highly resistant
  • Slides: 2 adjustable slides with velcro straps


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